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African Proverb [16] or the Weaknesses of Poor and Unindustrialized Continents
Published by in Education · 23 July 2019
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There are at least three (3) categories of countries from an economic and/or industrial point of view: the developed nations, the emerging nations and the underdeveloped nations. Out of pride some Africans may argue that the African continent is part of the second category. The truth, unfortunately, is that Africa belongs to the last category. However, there are no valid reasons that justify why Africa should stay in this category.

This proverb from the Yoruba group in Nigeria reminds us that: “Poverty never visits a husband without visiting his children: a poor man has no relatives”. In other words, it is not in the interest of a nation to remain poor. We should not confuse Africa’s natural wealth or economic potential with its current state of poverty or underdevelopment. And Africans must fight against the latter. But how?

Industrialization is one of the main keys to Africa’s economic development. But not the kind of development that consists of mimicking other nations’ development. Africans just need to observe their problems and find a way to solve them with efficient and cost effective methods, provided we trust the African genius. When Africans drop their inferiority complex and manufacture in Africa equipment they need to improve their standard of living, Africa will no longer be the prey that all other nations would like to capture. She will then become truly independent.

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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