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African Proverbs and their Meaning Development-Wise [1]
Published by in Education · 2 April 2019
Tags: ProverbsAncestralityModernity
After I wrote "Does the Future of Africa Rely on Its Past", I kept on searching for ways to reconcile the past with the present, but within a very specific niche: Africa's development/industrialization.

The wisdom Africans can take out from their ancestors, thanks to proverbs, among others, is very huge and could inspire us all in our quest for an authentic development path.

"Don't sail using someone else's star" is the first one of a series of proverbs that I'll link to Africa's development. This proverb, somehow, says that one should be prudent when it comes to copying the processes or methods that made others successful. As we often see, in Africa, we tend to copy the laws, economic systems, ideologies, etc. developed by others. The copy/paste phenomenon, inherited from colonization, is still very vivid. Nonetheless, one must be prudent and not become an extremist because Africans can remain authentic by contextualizing good practices developed by other nations/civilizations. Contextualizing our approach to Africa's development is, I think, one of the key aspects that could make Africa a powerful continent among other nations.

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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