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African Proverbs and their Meaning Development-Wise [2]
Published by in Education · 8 April 2019
Tags: ProverbsIndustrializationAfrica
"A roaring lion kills no game" is another powerful African proverb that can be linked to Africa’s development or industrialization.

The African continent's size is about 30 million km². It’s almost 7 times bigger than the European Union, 3 times bigger than the United States of America and China, and about 1.8 times bigger than Russia. That’s Africa roaring. In other words, if we were to judge Africa by her size, it would be a powerful continent.

It’s truly far from being the case because size does not always matter. The reason why Africa is “the game” that other “lions” are actually hunting for is because, among other multiple reasons, the vision of the founding fathers of the Organization of African Unity (now the African Union) has been perverted a long time ago.

Without a clear vision, there is no room for real economic and industrial development. Because Africa’s industrialization must be holistic, high level industrial strategies are required at the continental level to avoid unnecessary duplications of similar industrial projects among African countries. Also, let’s not forget that industrialization is a process, not a commodity that one can purchase without clear and careful planning.

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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