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African Proverbs and their Meaning Development-Wise [3]
Published by in Education · 14 April 2019
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The children of Africa are proving every day that they have talent. They know that they are not less nor more intelligent than other people on earth. They simply share with the rest of humanity something they have in common and that is called: intelligence. And Africa is blessed with intelligent people. Is it not refreshing to see what they can achieve despite all kinds of difficulties they face on a regular basis? In other words they would certainly achieve greater things if they were truly valued, and not just celebrated. Said differently, they must be given the possibility to achieve, in Africa, what they would have otherwise achieved or are achieving overseas?

When mediocrity becomes the norm within a society, it brings about chaos which has devastating repercussions on several sectors of that society. It appears that those who want to be the catalysts of change are often viewed as “trouble makers”.  Thus the pyramid of values is turned upside down.

Consequently, some of the best talents leave the African continent not to return anymore. Fortunately, others do come back to Africa to bring in their economic and social contribution. The ideal situation would be to keep the majority of African talents at home because they are the only ones who can truly develop their continent.

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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