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Blacks are an Inferior Race and Have Never Invented Anything!
Published by in Education · 5 October 2017
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Black people tend to think that their “present” is chaotic, because their “past” was not glorious. Without, supposedly, a bright past, as well as a bright present, most people from the African continent, but not only, are convinced that they have no future unless they are guided by other races, mainly the White race.

Debunking Myths Around African Talent by Rudy L. Massamba brings much needed truths about the role and importance of African inventors, and ties the historical role and accomplishments of Ancient African innovators and inventors to contemporary African inventions.

Why is there a negative perception about African inventors?

This perception or belief is due to the fact that the Blacks were indoctrinated through the educational system, in Africa and in the Western World. And this perception is what the author refers to as “The Mental Destruction of Black People” that stems from slavery and colonization.

Debunking Myths Around African Talent, available on Amazon, reminds us that Africa’s true history is exceptional; a reality that the Western World has methodically tried to erase or occult in the world’s collective consciousness. The unfortunate consequence of this denial is that claiming lies as truths about black people, using powerful media, made these lies become truth for humanity!

Can this trend be reversed?

According to the author, this perception can be reversed if there is a paradigm shift within the educational system that will bring about a mind shift. This implies that black people in Africa, America, etc. become in charge of their education so as to restore historical facts from Ancient times to present – as no other people can really be expected to do it for them.

Massamba comments, “The grandeur of the Black race rests on the bosom of the African continent – cradle of humanity.” This is, undeniably, the subliminal message conveyed by the author. “Until Africa rises as a Super Power, black people will have to keep on proving, to the world, that they have talent. While this should not be the case, as they have always had talent,” he adds.

In a world of negativity, this book finally attempts to offer positive motivation for the invention of great things that will propel Africa into the industrial and economic arena as a force to be reckoned with – thanks to the plurality of contemporary African inventors, among others. Indeed, some of these inventors and their inventions are portrayed and grouped in 7 industrial sectors. However, most of them are not yet truly appreciated by Africans themselves; thus the author’s attempt to value and celebrate the African genius.

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*** Older comments from previous blog platform

Blacks are less intelligent than Asians and Whites. Yes, that truth is like Mike Tyson’s punch in any black person’s face, but a bitter truth is still better than your sweet Wakanda Matrix. Subsaharan precolonial stone cities do exist, but they were only built after 1000 AD, so late behind Asians and Whites. And don’t you dare drag Ancient Egypt into black achievement. DNA evidence shows Ancient Egyptians were actually Near Eastern people (Middle East Asians), their skins were about as light as Jews or Arabians.

The simplest explanation is the right one. Blacks are less intelligent than whites or asians hence why they live in poverty anywhere they live on earth. Just because you hate reality doesn’t make it false.

Funny how whites always tend to place themselves with us asians in terms of intelligence. Sorry but at least blacks have tended to live in harmony with their environment. White are intelligent enough to be idiodically dangerous. Using brute force to make up for areas where they are too stupid as a race to solve issues and then lacking the foresight to plan ahead. If you’re going to use iq as a panacea for the ills of black society then have the balls to admit that the white race is slightly smarter, just enough to flatter themselves of their own superiority in ignorance.

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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