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Why a Much Younger Generation of Future African Leaders Must Tame Duality [?]
Published by in Education · 10 July 2019
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We live in a world where duality is prominent. Thanks to duality, which acts like a mirror, one can say if his thoughts and actions are positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong, etc. This ability makes us our own judges because, in most cases, we think about our actions ahead of time (even if it takes us a few seconds to think about them).

In a “coherent” world someone would be either good or bad, for instance, but not both at the same time. If we look at things from a universal angle one could admit that this is not a religious belief, but pure common sense. As a result, one should be attracted to the polarity of his choice: plus (+) or minus (-). Where things become tricky or complex is that each polarity bears its own logic or level of coherence. This is probably the reason why, no matter the polarity we have chosen, we believe that the opposite polarity is “wrong”. And anarchists thrive in the world when they believe that they can cross each polarity’s frontier at will! Thus, giving birth to chaos or inconsistency!

Our world, needless to say, is in a terrible disorder! Thus, coherence is not what characterizes most human beings on planet earth. We say something, but do the opposite. In other words, we tend to contradict ourselves and thus create all kinds of imbalances. And this is how we lose credibility. Fortunately, some people have paved the way to coherence on all continents, including Africa. Yet, in Africa, are we consistent enough between what is promised to the people and what the people actually gets on the ground, development-wise? In other words, it is hard to deny the fact that African leadership is, overall, inconsistent!

Indeed, Africa has the minerals, but Africans are not manufacturing capital goods; Africa has arable lands, but not all Africans can feed themselves; Africa has a young population, but they want to leave the continent when they can; Africa has talented people, but they are not valued; etc. Africa is at the zenith of several contradictions due to inconsistency, among others. And this is what the next generation of African leaders must avoid. This is why they need to work with a different operating system that will value coherent actions. They will have to redefine the world they will inherit from their grand-parents, parents and, elder brothers and sisters. The mess that they will inherit is proof that the old operating system had too many flaws that justify why it must be discontinued.

Does the new generation think by itself, though? This is another delicate point. How can this new generation think differently if the educational system is not reformatted? How can they think and act differently when their surrounding is selling inconsistency as the point of reference, mediocrity as the main standard, etc.? These questions are legitimate and valid. The good news is that the world is no longer limited to the diktat imposed by mainstream media and the educational system.

The Internet (the Network) allows people to learn by themselves and access hidden truths now revealed [although the internet is also made of manipulators and liars]. Young people, to please their parents and professors, memorize some of the lies and contradictions that they are taught at school because they want to pass their exams. This is because they are rejecting the system! In other words, they reject inconsistency. And this mental revolution is powerful and constitutes a true hope for Africa.

This generation, which is hyper-connected, is also trying to understand Africa’s true history, the values of our traditions and envisages, whenever possible, alternatives to modernity at a lower cost. They are also environmentally-friendly in their approach to development. This is why "too much" will be asked to this generation. Not because they are super heroes, but because they are probably naturally born with the ability to construct or reconstruct the mother of all continents: Mama Africa.

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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