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Why Blacks and Whites are Ignorant People – Racism Wise?
Published by in Education · 8 September 2017
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The most fascinating Artist in the world is the Universe itself who shaped and painted its creatures. Call this Artist whatever you want: Allah, God, Science or Nature, it does not make a significant difference. The Artist decided to attribute “colors” to its multiple creations such as lakes, mountains, plants or human beings who are, by the way, among the most intriguing manifestations in the universe.

As a perfect Artist, the Universe attributed different skin colors to human beings that the latter labelled: black, white, yellow, red … Now, scientifically, and given our current state of knowledge about “races”, it appears that all races stem from the black race and that Africa is the cradle of humanity! That said, all human beings have the same DNA and there is no skin color that is superior to another one.

The Artist did not invent slavery or colonization, nor did He invent the holocaust. Human beings did so for selfish reasons. And today, as it was the case yesterday, we can see hatred proliferating because one race (the White race) is still trying to have power over others (including the Black race). Just like antibodies try to protect the human body when a virus is inside, other races and people on earth try to react aggressively to all types of aggression that they face from the dominant race. What happens in the end is that hatred becomes an infernal circle which feeds itself and does not stop and translates into words and actions like terrorism, war, etc. Who wins? Nobody as all are … losers.

Now, reparation means that Black people, for instance, must not forget what they have endured from the Whites. However, the fallacy here is to think that reparation equals … vengeance or revenge. Some of the best contemporary examples of avatars who have shown the way by their grandeur and leadership, as far as racism or domination is concerned, are Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu and, of course, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi). Non-violence should, therefore, be the way.

Unfortunately, unless black people in general, and Africans in particular become as powerful as Western people, they will still face the “power over others” doctrine conceived by evil minds. This is why Africans must industrialize first in order to defend themselves if and when necessary. As paradoxical as it may sound, the balance of terror could be one way that would bring about the balance of peace between Blacks and Whites because once Africa is as powerful as the Western world, we presume that they won’t attack each other. And this will translate into mutual respect both politically, militarily, intellectually, etc.

The reason Black is beautiful [on a white background] and White is beautiful [on a black background] is because the concept of race or color is a holographic pigment. To convince yourself about it, find out about the “brown-eye, blue-eye” experiment on the internet; an experiment that is contextualized in the book Debunking Myths Around African Talent. In short, all races are equal and ignorance (brainwashing) is the reason why we hate each other!

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Lenda Rudy Massamba
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