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Within or Outside the Box – [Have Africans Made their Choice?]
Africa is a land of almost unlimited opportunities. However, since the decline of one of the greatest civilizations of all time, the Kemet (Egyptian) civilization around 525 B.C., these opportunities are no longer really benefiting Africans. What most Africans ignore, however, is that the Kemet civilization is the daughter of the Ancient Ethiopians, at least according to Diodorus Siculus (Diodorus of Sicily) who is amongst the most credible historians of antiquity. The reason why a great deal of Africans don’t really know what their ‘past’ looked like before the existence of Jesus-Christ is because they were methodically brainwashed by so many conquests over the past 2,500 years. As a result, their civilization which includes their culture, religious beliefs, cosmology, sciences, etc., was severely combated. This fight resulted in Africans being mistreated and believing that they are an inferior race.

- Africans can make one of two choices: either remain in the box and thus accept domination and poverty, or get out of the box and change the course of their history -

The educational system that was ‘recently’ imposed onto Africans during colonization, for instance, aimed essentially at putting Africans in a ‘box’. And since then, most Africans are still living in that box – [the box of their low self-esteem]. They seem to have rejected their traditions, mythologies, languages, etc. As a result, they are not doing what they should do. Instead, they are prompted to do what they are currently doing. But it is done so thinly that most of them do not actually realize that they are acting according the program written for the box they live in – [the matrix]. Is it not surprising to see some Africans in awe when they find out that one of their fellows has invented something – as if it was abnormal for Africans to invent or innovate? This is the consequence of being in the ‘matrix’.

Now, Africans can make one of two choices: either remain in the box and thus accept domination and poverty, or get out of the box and change the course of their history! If Africans make the right choice, thanks to good leadership across the entire continent, a mighty continent will emerge much sooner than expected. Thinking out of the box means being able to stand out with new ideas and paradigms that should still be rooted in the highest values of Africa’s culture. Unfortunately, one of the saddest patterns of that ‘box’ is that it’s greatly nurtured – consciously or unconsciously – by an African “elite” which is not necessarily made of visionaries. Fortunately, the situation is progressively and positively changing in Africa; which is a good sign.

Good leadership, however, will not be enough to make things move in the right direction in Africa. For Africans to really move forward, they must know who they are, understand what they have lost and go back to what truly makes them who they are: Ubuntu, Kimuntu, Bomoto, Maat, etc. These words mean exactly the same thing because, as the cradle of humanity, Africa gave her daughters and sons high humanistic values in which the concept of community or solidarity is one of the underpinnings of society. Some African leaders learnt in Western Universities that capitalism, for instance, is the best socio-economic model. Others learnt in Eastern Universities that Socialism is. There are others who are now believing in social-democracy, etc. The truth is that there is a striking disconnect between these notions and African realities. As a result, applying them in the past did not work, and applying these notions today or in the future won’t work – even with the best leaders. Why? Because these notions were/are thought by a specific group within a specific environment and culture. This is the reason why the copy/paste attitude induced by the “box or matrix” must stop as it has been designed to ensure that Africans never take the lead!

- It is high time Africa’s true history and ancient culture be taught at school because it is the only way to reach out to the masses and move out of the ‘box’ -

African sociologists, historians and anthropologists, among others, must be consulted more than ever before in order to set back Africans on the right track. They are the ones who, based on their true knowledge of Africa’s past, traditions and culture, will be able to help visionary African leaders draft a sound and comprehensive ‘Vision’ for the entire continent, as well as shape the type of society that is best suited for Africans. African resilience has, fortunately, preserved a lot of the continent’s originality. Thus Africans will need to adapt it cautiously in this globalized world. It is only when Africans can define themselves and refer to their originality that it will become easier for politicians, scientists, innovators, etc. to action the strategy that will be adopted in view of serving the ‘Vision’.

Africans cannot remain followers because more than 10,000 years ago they were already leaders who had achieved exceptional feats on earth. It is high time Africa’s true history and ancient culture be taught at school because it is the only way to reach out to the masses and move out of the ‘box’. Once out of the box, Africans must use Ubuntu in politics, economics, business, science, technology, etc. Does it make sense, for instance, based on Ubuntu principles, to believe that the investor should reap all the benefits and the workers be underpaid and work hard like slaves? If the answer is ‘yes’, then the box is Africa’s destiny [and Africans should not complain]. If it is ‘no’, then Africans are already mentally out of the box – and that’s the first of many victories to come!

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I enjoy the article

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I agree with you.

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Thank you!

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